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New Grooming Stuff!


Pure Paws grooming stuff, great!

I have written about Schampoo and Conditioner before and as you know I am openminded and always look for new things. Through the Swedish Poodle Club I came in contact with 4 dogs who are the distributors of Pure Paws. I had never heard about it before. I checked the website and its from the US, Mikael Nilsson of Kudos Poodles also knew about it, how could I have missed something like that!!! I called them and bought some products to try. I am not getting impressed that much regarding Grooming products but this was amazing!!! The schampoo got a great clean feeling and the conditioner did the work right. The coats got very easy to groom after. You dont need much either. I can really recommend these products and you have to try as they have for light coats, heavy coats and to get volume and to reconstuction to the hair too. Visit

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