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Peter and Rocky in Car crash!


This is the car!

This weekend me and William was off to Norway on the Saturday for the International show in Oslo. I took Rachel with me and Micke was going there with Tim as well. As William sleeps at night I started driving around 12 at night so he could sleep.

Tim won Junioclass and got qualified for Crufts, he ended up 3rd Best male, Maria Modig won with the Max son Ch. Momabos Frizzy Freak, congratulations! He even got BOB!

Rachel won her class and got CAC was 2nd Best female to Ch, Ankaru Yes Its Me. I was very pleased. It was really nice to see the Norweigan friends again, I wish I could stay over night and spend some time with them, but we had to go home to Sweden to show Rocky at Askersund Int show tomorrow.

Me and William left for Askersund, we slept at “Huffish Hotel” the bus. It was no problem, we spend some time with Susanne and Christina of the Sandust Poodles they have a Caravan.

Early in the morning I called Peter who was coming with Rocky to the show. He was a bit late and I thought he slept over, no he said it was some complications in the morning. 1000 things went up in my mind, a dog died or something. No I drove off the road! What! I said, how are you, Rocky and the car? We are fine but the car is totally crashed, it appeared later that he was going to tell something to Rocky in the back and got a twist of the car that went down the ditch and also turned on the side!!! The airbag went out and he had to climb out from the car. Someone called SOS so the Ambulance and Police was there. They wanted to send him to the hospital but he said, no I have to get to the show. The only thing he worried about was Rocky and the show. Rocky was a bit worried but fine.

After 30 minutes a friend of our came and he could borrow that car. So off he went to the show. Can you believe the sight for the Police and Ambulance that came: A young man with a black suite and Dolce Gabbana shoes with a black Standard male in full lion trim! I have to got the the show. Afterwards they must have been laughing about it. I can do that….

Finally they were at the show and Rocky was a little worried but fine, we had Mr Jouko Leviske in the breed and he wrote a lovely critic for Rocky: In Swedish:

“Härlig bildvacker hane, han är en “RIKTIG PUDEL”, med härliga rastypiska linjer, han har alla detaljer som är viktiga för pudel, och så trimningen.” TACK för den fina kritiken!

English: “ Lovely male, like a picture, he is a TRUE POODLE, , with lovely typical proportions, he has all the details that are important för a Poodle, and the grooming. Thank you!

Mrs Kerstin Nilsson judged the group and Rocky showed lovely, he was a little worried in the breed as it was very windy and the tents were blowing and made som noices, poor dog, he didnt know what to happen next! In the group he was perfect, one of his best shows I think. He finally won the group, our friends Micke and Fredrik Nilsson got 4th with their new Smash star Smash JP Millionaire, Susanne and Christina got 5th with their Dwarf Poodle male Ch. Sandust Spicy Shot. So the group was full of Poodles. Thank you Kerstin, this was a win that means more than any to us for many reasons..

The BIS judge was a Canadian man that I didnt know about. Rocky didnt get placed but he still showed lovely so I was thrilled for that. So off home again, nice and easy!

Peter is a bit in chock I think and he is off for some check up at the Doctor, you never know what happens to the back and neck.

This is another proof of dont do more than drive! Dont look back or use the phone or do stuff with dogs or children, its a little moment and you can loose it all even your and other peoples life. I am as bad as anyone to do more than drive, think I will be better after this. Life is just like a big school, but you learn the hard way!

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