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BIS again!!!!!


Rocky BIS under Stefan Sinko, picture Torsten Widholm

Today the luck was on our side!!! Rocky got BIS!!!! He is still currently Top Dog in Sweden!!!! It was very nervous in the group Dimitris who ownes the lovely Dachshound that is just behind Rocky, judged the group. It was a very strong group 9!!! Dimitris already put up the Faraohound yesterday in the breed but he got 2nd in the group, today he judged the Afghans and put up the top Afghan as well. As the Afghan won the group in Eskilstuna she left to be there for the BIS today. It was a very stormy day and it felt like everything blew anyway!! Rocky was wild the wind was wild and his hair was all over the place…it must have looked crazy!! A big black Standard Poodle in the storm with hair all over. Although I am so pleased as he has got soo much better after we started to cycle with him, he has a lot of energy and more pressure in his movement! I am so happy for that. Now he is a bit too much for me to handle, I cant keep up with him so I need to train as well.. When do you get pleased. Anyway, Dimitris put up Rocky in the group and it was very sportif of him, he could have put up any of the others without being questioned. In the BIS we had Mr Stefan Sinko that was judging the BIS. Rocky was soo wild,, I had to stop him he was like a horse…with a lot of nerves… I got a bit nervous as he didnt behave perfect. But he is a Poodle that enjoys this. We won the BIS!!!! It was so unbeliveble!!! He is still Top Dog in Sweden and it would be a dream to win this, I have been soo close before…We will see its very tough competition as I have said before we have dogs that are capable to compete anywere in the world in these different breeds. Thanks to all the support from judges, friends and the owners of the other dogs in other breeds, its worth so much for me. We try our best but with a bit of glimt in our eyes we enjoy this even if we all wants to win we can only do our best and have a great time while trying!!!

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