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Many things going on this weekend


This weekend there is an International Show on the Island Gotland, were Peters parents have their summerhouse. Its 2 days of different shows. As I am having a Grooming and Handling seminar in Gävle this weekend, Camilla Tell will help out to show Rocky. Peter absolutely insisted that they needed to go… Camilla is really nervous, for me its ok to stay from shows and do something else. I did Rocky this morning and they left for the ferry around 3 in the afternoon. Our friend Carol Edholm also went with her white female, Leya. I hope it will be a great show and a nice time for them.

I will have a Grooming and Handling seminar in Gävle during 2 days. This is hold together with Maria Modig,

I am really looking forward to that, its nice if you can give people some inspiration. We really lack new people that are interested and stay in our breed.

As Kira our Standard bitch are about to have her litter soon, I took her temperature and its on the way down. She is huge, I hope she wont have 15 puppies!!! The temperature is now 37,8 so I hope she will wait until the beginning of next week. Our dog sitter is a bit worried. She is not to due until Thursday next week from the first time she was mated. Although I think she will due earlier as she is so big.

You can follow the weekend on our blogg… cross fingers that all will go well. William is coming with me too. He is so cute now, at the store he smiles at all people he sees and they all has to stop to talk to him. He already knows how to get the attention. Hopefully it lasts with the smile and not a cry!!!

Off for letting dogs out before bed and a very early morning!

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