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New Groomer!!!!!!


New handler and groomer! But what breed is it???

So Peter left with his dog Rocky and his “New” handler Camilla. I am sacked as a handler!

They had a great weekend, as I were busy working at my Grooming and Handling seminar, Ive got SMS message that said that Rocky won the group and Camilla hardly couldnt keep up with him. The last message was that he was 2nd BIS!!! Well done! I am so happy and greatful. The Afghan won the BIS and they are right behind us for Dog of The Year competition. Thanks to Breed judge, Mrs Eva Borg Liljekvist and Mr Francesco Cocetti for the Group. Tomorrow Mr Cocetti is the Breed judge and Mr Rui Oliviera is doing the breed. Keep fingers crossed that it goes well.

We took a lot of pictures at the seminar but Maria has them so I will put them on the blogg as soon as I get them. It was really busy there! I went up at 5 in the morning with William and we were finished at the seminar around 6 in the evening. We were a bit late for the dinner at 8 as we had to clean up the place after us. We had a nice meal and after that we went to Marias place for a coffe before bed. I fell asleap at the table just in front of them, it has happened before, many people has seen it.

Day 2 at the seminar was good as well. People seemed very pleased and wanted to have another seminar in a couple of months. Thank you all that was there for lovely time and feedback. Keep on working on your dogs and have faith in what you are doing!! Thank you for travelling so far just for me! It makes my day when people are happy and pleased.

Just when I sat and were finished at the seminar Peter called, Rocky won another group and was Reserve BIS!! Great!! I am very pleased with the weekend and thanks to the judges, and of course Camilla that did the great job and Peter as a supporter. As you can see they trained Peter at the show, I just have difficult to see what breed it is!!???

Off to bed and goodnight!!! More to come…

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