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Rocky still #1!


Rocky still #1!

This weekend we were at another International Show in Högbo, Sandviken. Rocky got another CACIB and BOB. Now its a bit exciting as Eukanuba will send the dog who is Currently #1 Dog in Sweden after the show next weekend to the World Challenge in Long Beach California!

Thank you Gunilla Sandberg who was the breed judge . We had a Canadian lady who did the group. Rocky was behaving really well and he has that attitude now that I love with the Poodles. The little wicked look in his eye… He got placed 4th in the group. Well thats life. Although it was a Chihuahua who won the group and she flew around the ring! The girl started to cry when she won and they were really sweet! I think everyone around the ring thought it was lovely!

After the group we took some photos. I am so bad at doing this promotion and marketing things. My dogs looks like shit on the pictures but I have to say they look so much better in the flesh. Anyhow, Camilla came to support us and she is very clever with the camera as well. Also Maria Modig, Momabos  is a great photograf so off we went in the lovely park at the show. Peter had to come too!! We got some really nice pictures that I will publish later.

Regarding the Top Dog in Sweden, the Dachshound that was running behind us, won the group! The Foxterrier were not there. Tomorrow is the Hounds and the Group 5! I mean Sunday! So lets see whats happening there.

During Sunday we did a lot of work at home. We got the results from the show. The Affenpincher was BIS, Irish Terrier from MerryMac BIS-2, Nicklas Saluki was BIS-3, the Pharaohound 4 and the little Chihuahua was 5.

That means Rocky is still Currently No 1!

It will be very exciting and nervous next week. There is more than 4000 dogs entered to the show. We can just wait and see and keep on doing our best!

Keep on running....

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