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We are going to represent Sweden at the World Challenge in Long Beach California!


Rocky will represent Sweden!

This weekend we were at the International Show in the south of Sweden, it was more than 4300 dogs entered! Rocky got BOB under Mr Derek Smith from the UK. Mrs Marie Thorpe from Ireland was the groupjudge. Rocky also won the group! It was really great! Thanks to the judges and the supporters around.

Rocky ended up BIS-5! The foxterrier was BIS, the Aussie second and Dimitris Dachshound was 3rd! It was a Rottweiler and then Rocky on 5th place.

Today it was confirmed that he will be Swedens representant at the Eukanuba World Challenge in December. I hope we make Sweden proud! We are so happy to have so many supporters from the other breeds, it feels very genuine! We are really looking forward to this. But the most exciting is the rest of the shows!! It will be done in December at the Stockholm show who will finally be Dog of The Year in Sweden!!!??? It is really tight on the top among 7 dogs that I think can be winning Dog of The Year, depending how the rest of the shows turns out.

Ch. Huffish Intensive Care winning the group at Sofiero.

Now we have a couple of weeks off shows and it is needed! The garden needs to look after and the rest around the house.

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