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The Grooming Seminar in Slovenia


People from Greece and Serbia as well as Slovenia

The grooming seminar in Slovenia went well. All the people that was going to participate couldnt come, this was too close to the show in time. People are busy travelling and preparing the dogs already.The ones that were there were pleased I think. We started around 12 and finished 10 in the evening. I talked a bit about how I prepare my dogs between the shows. How important it is to know the Breed Standard and also how your own Poodle is. If you dont how will you know how to make the Poodle look as close to the breedstandard you can??After that I showed how I do the Scandinavian Lion on a white Standard Poodle. I also showed how I do the bands in the Top knot for shows. The Pure Paws team in Slovenia came with some of the products and had a good offer for the people to buy. Thank you for that! The seminar were hold at Katarinas place and it worked well. If there is interest I will do a new one in the springtime when people are not so busy travelling to the show. We were very tired all of us I think but its always fun to do this seminars. William was very happy too as always.Now a couple of hours to sleep then to prepare 3 Standard Poodles for the Eurodogshow!William happy to meet all the people at the seminar!

William happy to see all the people at the seminar

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