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Moose in the garden!

The garden for the dogs is even big enough for the Swedish King!

Last week Oscar had holiday from scool and he spended most of the week with us in Stockholm. We had 2 days of shopping in the beginning of the week. It was great. Oscar loves shopping as much as I do. When we prepared dinner around 5 in the afternoon our Poms were out in the frontgarden, I heard them bark as crazy. I went out to see what went on. Just outside the door I saw theese two!!! The mother wasnt too pleased either, she was waiting for walking over the fence to the fron and looked like she wanted to put her foot on our Pom. After a while they slowly left the garden walking up in the big forest. I am happy the Standard Poodles were in because I have no idea what would have happened.

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  1. bjornhona permalink
    09/11/2010 5:28 pm

    Wow! It is amazing how close the nature is in Sweden!!!

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