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California Dreaming!


Sweden so much snow already!!!!

I cant believe the difference from this to California! Sunny and almost 20 degrees today! Rocky took the trip very good even if they put his crate upside down as the unloaded him in Los Angeles!!! Cant believe this. He is not a toypoodle you can just throw around!

I have been looking forward to this trip soo much and believe it or not Ive got a really bad cold just before leaving Sweden. Oscar my oldest son got a bad throat on Friday as we were going to celebrate his birthday and it passed over to me!!! I slept all the way on the flight and at the hotel I was knocked out!! Today was better and in the afternoon I found a Pharmacy with some magic medicine they have here in the US. We have been shopping today, all day! And mum, I found a lovely set up for the shows, cream/gold dress with a creamy jacket to! Really nice. Also two lovely skirts for the shows with one jacket to go with it. You will se later on pictures. We went with Toshi from Japan and his friends, the owner of the Singapore Toy Poodle that are competing in our group as well. The Hotel is great and the arrangement is very proffessional from the Eukanuba team so far. We just said we are staying a whole week! That means we are not spoiled being away from home with not a lot of dogs. More updates to come, tomorrow we will to and have a look at the show and meet more of our friends.

Rocky and Peter outside our room!

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  1. tntberg permalink
    07/12/2010 4:06 am

    I just wanted to thank you Peter and Lotta for talking to me and letting me see Rocky in person. He’s absolutely fabulous!!! Thanks so much for your time and Congratulations on your placement!!

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