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Multich. Diego Da Maya BIS at the Finnish Winner Show 2010!!!!


Ch. Diego Da Maya BIS!!!!

We stayed home this weekend as we needed to spend some time with our baby William and the other dogs before the SWEDISH CHALLENGE!! next weekend.

Camilla left with Diego and his son, Danish Winner 2010, Huffish After Dark, he was only entered on Sunday in the Juniorclass for the Crufts Qualification.

On Saturday Diego got BOB but nothing in the group. Well done! ‘

Sunday he went BOB for Mr David Allan from Spain. Mr Javier Blanco did the group 9 and Diego won the group. The BIS judge was from Finland Mr.Paavo Mattila

His son Danny won the Juniorclass and is Crufts Qualified!

Camilla called late around 8 in the evening to tell us that he ended up BIS!!! Congratulations for the great job. I wish we were there to see Diego he is such a showman!! We are sitting here at home in the house its hot and nice. Camilla is still in the car driving in the snow… Camilla and Diego is such a couple they are both a little tough!!!Ha

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