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Camilla got BIS with her Afghan!


Camilla with her Carlos

As I told you before I have no luck at the Stockholm show. Not this year either. I should not complain but after done such a fantastic year you want to be in the last final of the year, if I wouldn’t say that I would lie. Rocky showed really well and the audience were absolutely crazy,, it was amazing! Thank you all!!!

It was Mrs Kitty Sjong from Denmark that did the Group 9. She pulled out her 5 finalists immediately and we ended up with the Pug that Tangetoppen from Norway owns. I think this must have been about the tenth time this year that we end up just he two of us. They have some lovely dogs and not just one Pug they have several that are doing a lot of winning around Europe, I have big respect for their work. After winning the groups so many times this time we got 2nd to them! That´s life… Anyhow, Camilla won the group 10 with her Afghan, Ch.Tell´s Chills And Thrills “Carlos”. So we gave her the support. She ended up BIS!! Fantastic!

Celebrating at home, people everywere

After the show we had the house full of people, Camilla was join us as well. We were all tired but happy after all. We had a fantastic year with all our dogs! It will not happen in some years again I believe.

Again thanks all for this fantastic year! Friends, judges, puppiebuyers and parents!!!

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