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Rocky is Dog of The Year in Sweden 2010!!!!


Finally the last show was here, Stockholm International Show. This is my graveyard! I have never won a group there in my whole life and this is the show you want to be in the last final, the BIS final. The atmosphere and the show is spectacular. If you have a Poodle its lovely to be in those kind of shows.

We had Mr Henrik Hannelius as the breed judge. About 59 Standard Poodles were entered. Rocky got BOB to the Finnish female. Ch. Martinas Gradiva. All our friends were outside and they have flown in from different countries to be our supporters. Thank you! This means a lot to us. It was big hurrahs in the breed. I know you wont be loved by all people but it felt as we had a lot of supporters both among the breed people as in the other breeds as well during the whole year.

Best of Breed and the judge.

It was a huge snowstorm going on around the whole country and the Foxterrier couldn’t make it to be there because of the weather. That ment that we also got Dog of The Year! We had to celebrate that, what else happens in the group is just a bonus!

Party at the show!

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