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Happy New Year 2011!!!!


Huffish BIS 2010!

We want to wish you all a really Happy New Year 2011!

Thanks to all our friends, judges, supporters and puppie buyers around the world.

Special thanks to Camilla, Katarina, Zuleika, Kay, Chris and Rachel and not to forget our parents, both my mother and Peters mother and father. Dont think I have forgotten any but if you know me, I have a very short memory!!

We had to take a picture of all the BIS winnings we did last year! I know it’s not much in the US but looking at how many dogs Rocky had to beat this year recording to his points on the All Breed System it’s about 24000 dogs!! Thats quite a lot, even if there are the same dogs competing on the different shows.

During 2010 Ch. Huffish Intensive Care, Rocky is shown 24 times with best results:
21 BOB
11 Group-1
6 Allbreed BIS
1 Specialty BIS
1 BIS-2
1 BIS-3
2 BIS-5

Not to forget the success in Long Beach were he got Runner Up!!! BIS 2!!!

Ch. Diego Da Maya, Diego

Estonian Poodle Specialty Show, BIS

Estonian Winner Show, BIS

World Show, Runner up Best Male to our Thomas

European Winner Show BIS2

Finnish Winner Show BIS

Other titles

Huffish Da Maya Woman, Rachel

Junior BIS at the Swedish Poodle Show.

Junior World Winner 2010

Danish Winner 2010

Huffish Back in Business, Chris

Kroatian Champion

Junior World Winner 2010

Junior European Winner 2010

Huffish After Dark, Danny

Danish Winner 2010

Finnish Junior Winner 2010

Ch. Dacun Kaylens Hes A Heartbreaker, Thomas

BOB at the World Show in Denmark 2010, 2nd in the Group to the BIS winning Toy Poodle.

Thank you all the judges that gave us this unforgettable year!

We will pick our shows 2011. Get more time working with our house, garden and family and we have some new interesting dogs coming here that we hope will be good for our future shows and breeding programme. We also have our youngsters that are promising but to even try to archive what we had this year is only stupid!!

Thanks again we are so proud to put another Standard Poodle in the History Books for Dog of The Year in Sweden!!! Last time it was me and Margareth Vear with Ch. Racketeer Exquisit Sinner, Hsan. 1991!!! He was Margareths own breeding as well as Rocky is our home-bred dog, coming down straight from our breeding 5 generations! We hope to be able to do this again sometime, somewhere…….

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