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My Dog 2011!!


My Dog in Gothenburg this weekend

Preparing to leave for the first International Show in Gothenburg this end of the week. The Poodles are on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday they have the Award for Dog of The Year 2010!

We will show as well as we will be at stand to help with some information regarding grooming and how we use the Pure Paws products. I will be there a bit in the morning Thursday and Friday as well as 2 in the afternoon. On Saturday it will be from 10-12.

Pure Paws Grooming products

As I have told before it takes a lot of work to keep a dog in great condition, as we started the cycling with Rocky in the summer we didn’t know what to do when the ice and snow turned up. Our friend Camilla helped ut to keep Rocky in the best shape, she let us borrow their treadmill they have to try on our dogs. It takes some patience and time to learn the dogs how to run on it but if you give them that it works out really well.
We will also be at  to show and tell the story how we use it on Rocky and our other dogs. Mostly welcome to that as well. Its getting more and more difficult to train the dogs during the winter as its longer, colder and much more snow that it has been the last years.
I also have to add that normal walks and just being out running in the garden with the other dogs are very important as well, this is more to make the “ice on the cake” !!! Never get satisfied…

Fit Fur Life Sweden, the treadmill we use

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