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Price Award Dog of the Year!!

5 Top Dogs in Sweden 2010! Photo: Jenny Hall

So I am back to life after the weekend! We had such a lovely time from we left until we arrived back home.

My friend Katarina Kocjan came with her friends from Slovenia to visit the show and they were also collecting some Miniature Poodles to get back home. We showed Huffish After Dark “Danny” and Huffish Heartbreaking Holiday “Tim” who ownes by Mikael G Nilsson, Camilla handled him. Huffish Da Maya Woman “Rachel” was also there. Danny got 2 CAC and got 2nd Best male both days to “Ferrari” Ch. Mia-Caras Biondo E Bello Ferrari and Rachel was 3rd best female on Thursday. She didn’t show that well as she was afraid of the floor, its banging floors. On Friday she got used to the floor and showed lovely as she normally does, then she was BOS with CACIB and CAC, Ferrari was BOB that day. Good show. On the Thursday evening we had dinner and wine with Doris and Katarina and our other friends it was really nice. Friday evening we were more dead than alive.
Saturday they had the Award for Dog of The Year and we had a great evening after at Gothia Tower Hotel. We shared with our friends and also Dimimtris, the owner of the Dachshound and Agnetha the owner of the Foxterrier were there too as well as many others.. it was a blast. We were partying until 2 in the morning. It felt when we had to go up on Sunday morning to prepare our trip back home to Stockholm.
More pictures to come and I will also write a little about history but now I have to groom some dogs as I have been a bit lazy this week…
Link from some of the press that has been written about Dog of the year, thanks Lena Petri for sharing.
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