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Huffish On Tour “Adam” 6 months old

Katarina is here from Slovenia as she is coming with us to Crufts this week. This Sunday we did 3 Standards and we also got to do some pictures of Adam. He is by Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker “Thomas” and Ch. Racketeer Street Poetry “Kira”.
He reminds me a lot of Max as a youngster in many ways he is just a bit taller and more elegant which I think is a positive thing, we will see how he will look in the future..
Now off to continue all the packing for the long drive to Crufts. Yesterday I just felt like staying home, there is soo many things that needs to be done before you can actually leave. Me and Katarina will drive with all the dogs, Peter and William will take the flight on Thursday afternoon… Friday and Saturday, grooming dogs…. show is on Sunday.. Dogsitter is to be picked up and prepare all at home… who said life should be easy?? Or why make it easy?!!!!I am totally crazy but hopefully I will have a lot of memories when I am old and cannot do anything…

Huffish On Tour just 6 months old


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