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JWW-10, Danish Winner-10 Huffish Da Maya Woman BIS-2!!!!

Diegos daughter “Rachel” BIS-2!!

This weekend we were at a National Show in Västerås, Sweden. Mr Åke Cronander judged the breed and our “Rachel” Huffish Da Maya Woman got BOB. Mikael G Nilsson showed his Thomas and Hollie son Huffish Heartbreaking Holiday “Tim” he got CAC and BOS!!! Well done!!! You can do it as well. Katarina was showing Huffish Back In Business, “Chris” he got 2nd Best male after Tim…

Mr Goran Bodegård from Sweden judged the group 9. There were a quite hard competition and Rachel won! The floof was awful and you felt the dogs didn’t move as well as they can do normally, but its the same for all dogs. The BIS was on the Sunday and Mr Kenneth Edh did that. We are proud that Rachel got BIS-2!!!!! A Siberian Husky got BIS and a German Shephard from Norway got 3rd and our own Camilla Tell Collinge got BIS-4 with her Carlos, the BIS winner from Stockholm in December. We are more than pleased.
Rachel is out of Diego and Max sister Ch. Huffish Believe in Woman “Emma”. She has been a wonderful producer for me and her owner Marlene Solberg. Now we are preparing for PCA, I am going alone!! Nice!! Some quality time just for me and my lovely interest Poodles! Seeing some friends from all over the world. Also we are picking up 2 new dogs! One adult male that will stay for 2 years here and a puppie that we are keeping for the future. The puppie will stay in Slovenia with Katarina our friend as we will wait for the Rabies and bloodtest to be ready.. more to come…
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