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Welcome to Huffish “Simon”!

USCH. Aleph American Idol “Simon”

I have just arrived from PCA 2011 and are still not back to reality, therefore it will be a very short story now. More to come when I have more energy.

This year I went with my friend Maria Modig, Lena Petri and Karmen Keller from Slovenia. Philip Langdon with his English companions Lee and Tom were also there as many other people from all over the world. We had a great time as usual. Meeting all the people talk Poodles and look at the dogs. I also got to see Mr “Thomas” he looked better than ever, he has grown up and Kay did a fantastic job with him.
In 2009 when I was at PCA I saw a fantastic Standard Poodle! It doesn’t happen often or nearly never these days, I have got more and more critical to the dogs both my own and others…But this one really took my breath away. He was shown in Bred By Exhibitor by the cobreeder Betty Brown. He won his class and ended up as Reserve Winners dog to this years BOV Ch. Jasets Satisfaction. Without offending someone I liked “Simon” better. I just couldnt forget about this dog after leaving PCA 2009. 1 year after I was planning to breed Multich. Kudos Ami that is living with Katarina in Slovenia and we couldn’t think of a good male for her. I told Katarina that I could contact Betty and ask about using Simon for Ami. So the story started, I contacted Betty and also asked what happened to Simon after PCA. America is a big country and the breeders/handlers has a lot of dogs and clients she decided to retire him to focus on other clients dogs. After some correspondence Betty let me have Simon over to Sweden!!! I was thrilled, this was planned in June 2010. I have waited for this day to see him again and bring him home, work with him, show him and use him in my breeding programme. I must say I was not disappointed when I saw him, he had exactly the look and the things I remembered.
Thank you Betty for letting us have Simon here with us he is not just handsome he has a wonderful temperament, very poodle but calm and very sweet to dogs and William. He is a dog with a lot of dignity!
Simons test you can find below and he is also NE clear and a dominant black. His hips are also done in Sweden and they are A Duplex. The coat is still jet black even if he is over 3 years old.
We are looking forward to the future and now we are waiting for Ami to come in season any day.
I was also very proud to read the following article written for PCA by Mr Louis Aizcorbe, Aizbel Miniatures. He is mentoring judges and normally they do that during PCA. If you read the article Mentoring it’s about Simon he is writing. I couldn’t describe the dog better than he does here and it makes me happy and honored to have him here in our house. Now off to bed and I will tell you more about another young puppie that will join us in the end of the summer, Boshis A Huffish Trumph Card, “Boss”. Thanks Shirley Davis for this happy Kangaroo!!! He is growing up in Slovenia with Katarina until his Rabies blood test are done.
Pedigree Simon

Simon offa

Mentoring (2)

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  1. 06/05/2011 1:52 pm

    Good luck, Simon!!

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