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Baby William in the ambulance helicopter!

William had to go in the helicopter to the emergency hospital!!

Today has been quite normal day at home, William got a little sick yesterday with a little fever and normal stuff like kids do after the start together with the other children. Peter was working from home with William today as I had to go to some job interviews. I got home about 3 in the afternoon and William was quite ok, he was sitting together with us and got some food and drink, then we put him in the sopha to get some rest. Even if we gave him pain killers he got worse during the afternoon. I didn’t think the fever got better. Around 9 in the evening he was really bad and passed out from me, febrile convulsions, it was really awful, we had to call the hospital. They were very quick I must say, in not more than 10 minutes they had the ambulance helicopter here and off we went. William came back after a couple of minutes but it felt like a very long time. He was very tired though and not really awake. You feel very small when things like this happens.

Just in 15 minutes they had checked him up and he was fine to go home within an hour. Now we are all dead. Poor Peters parents have been on Gotland the Island all summer and got home from there just for a few days, Peter called them and Peters brother drove them here to us. Thank you for all the support and actually the Swedish health care system are working better than I thought. Off to bed for more job interviews tomorrow.
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  1. 26/08/2011 3:38 am

    Puh! Skönt att allt gick bra. Krya på honom. Kram från Torsnäset

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