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Everything at the same time!


9 puppies are born!

9 Puppies born, 1 CAC with Brian the Afghan, BOB with the Dwarf and BOS with Rachel!! This was our Saturday 17th of September.

We were expecting puppies the upcoming Monday with “Siri” and “Simon”. I always check the temperature on the females as you can get a hint when they will start to have the puppies. So I did this time as well, Thursday Siri had 38,1 which is normal and Friday she started to drop a little bit to 37,6. I thought she will probably start on Sunday or Monday. This weekend its an International dog show in Sweden, Högbo. I was going to show our Afghan for the first time, which I was really looking forward to. Rachel was entered as well as the little Dwarf poodle, Ch. Acclaims Black Pearl “Elsa”,  that I have here to show. Freddie our friend was coming on Friday to be dogsitter during the weekend we were going with the whole family. All was fine, Siri was eating the dogs were groomed and cars packed. We were driving in 2 cars in case I needed to go home.

At the show everything was happening on the same time, Afghan, Dwarf poodles and Standard poodle males in 3 different rings!! I had to ask my friend Maria Modig to help out with Elsa and off we went with Brian to the Afghan ring. I was very pleased how Brian behaved, he really loves to show himself, he flew in the ring and behaved well, he starts to stand better as well but we are working on that. He ended up 2nd best male with CAC after his father “Carlos”. Brian just turned 9 months old. Per Lundström who is a Sighthound person breeding Wolfhounds was judging. Carlos also won the group later in the day. At the same time as I was going in the ring with Brian, Freddie called Peter and said that Siri started to have puppies!!! Just great!!! Luckily the Standard poodles are great delivering,,, After the Afghans we ran over to the Poodle rings again and it was time for Rachel. Maria got BOB with Elsa! Thank you so much Maria for your help. Kristin Sahlström was the judge for the Standard Poodles and Rachel got BOS.

I had to leave immediately to help Freddie and check out the babies. Peter, William and Camilla stayed for the Sunday as the Poodles were on the Kennel Club show then. I took Brian back home with me. Unfortunately some people thought that I’ve got mad and left because of that, I am sad that people don’t have bigger thoughts about me than this.

Finally at home all was fine and Siri ended up with 9 black puppies, 6 males and 3 females. This will be a very exciting litter, Simons first in Europe.

Today grooming and cleaning is on the list. What a difference in life??!!!

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