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Huffish On Tour in Moscow!


Adam BIS-3 Junior in Moscow

Last Thursday I went on the plane to Moscow. With me I brought our young Standard Poodle “Adam” Huffish On Tour. I was having a Master Class seminar on Friday in Moscow. It was my friend Olga Knorre who has the Smart Connection Poodles in Moscow that was helpful to arrange it all.

This was my first visit in Russia, although I have known Olga and her family for over 10 years, god time flies. It was a new experience in many ways. To go by car in Moscow you must have really good nerves, my mother would probably scream and lie down on the floor, it goes really fast and there are many, many cars. I will never complain about the traffic in Stockholm after this, although Olga drives really good she should work extra as a taxi driver. She definitely knows how to get through the fastest and best way.

It was a really great venue at the seminar and there were people who came with plane flying 9 hours!!! She lived closer to Japan than to Moscow, there were a few that was travelling many many hours by car as well. Thank you all for coming to the seminar I hope it was worth it. I really had a great time.

Saturday we had a little time in Moscow city, Red square and all the classical buildings. I don’t think Moscow could show up in a better whether it was over 20 degrees and the sun was shining. All the leaves had the different lovely colour at this time of the year. After coming home it was time to groom Adam for the show on Sunday. Olga also had her friend there Svetlana Kizina who is a great groomer and breeding Miniature Poodles of the Lenholl prefix.

Sunday we went to the show just around Moscow and it was a big show with over 4700 dogs entered in all breeds, International show with CACIB. Adam was entered in Juniorclass. He behaved well, a bit wild as all my young dogs are but he havent been anywhere since the World Show in Paris in July I was happy with him. Most important is that he likes the show and that he does. I was really pleased with the quality of the Toy, Dwarfs and Miniatures, there were some really nice ones groomed to perfection. As I have told some of the Swedish people at my seminars the Russians and some of the other European countries have already started to pass us regarding the quality of the dogs, handling and presentation. If I should be a little critical some of the handlers are running far too fast in the ring, so please think about to slow down a little and look were your dog is, they are supposed to run as fast so they can still carry themselves. Mrs Tiina Taulos was judging the Poodles and in the Group we had Mrs Birgit Seloy. The Dwarfpoodle, Ch. Smart Connection Heartbreaker was 3rd in the group. Congratulations to Olga who bred and owns him together with the handler/groomer Larissa. I have to learn all this Russian names better, sorry folks I am working on it.

Adam also competed for the BIS Junior. He really loves to show himself and has a big smile on his face, I love this temperament, he is all this by himself, natural. He ended up BIS-3 which I was really really pleased with. Adam is staying in Moscow with Olga who will campaign him for the upcoming year.  I think this dog has a bright future, he just needs to be around to learn more. Thank you Olga for this and also for the lovely time I had in Moscow. I have already told my family we will go with Peter, Oscar and come for a nice time again, soon.Now catching up at home and starting to feed the puppies who turned 3 weeks of age this weekend.

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