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Multich Huffish Da Maya Woman “Rachel” made her US debut in the weekend!


This weekend I have been on the Swedish Poodle Club annual meeting. As I was there I’ve got messages from Chris Manelopoulos and Rachel Corbin the handlers in America of Rachel. She has been to shows 4 days in a row and got Best of Winners all 4 days and also got total 12 points with 4 majors! They only need 15 points in America to be American Champions.

I am really happy and proud and very grateful to both Chris and Rachel but also Mrs Zuleika B Torrealba who is the American/Brazilian owner. Thanks for all this. I hope and think that this is only the beginning??? But time will tell…

Rachel will be shown at the prestigious Poodle Club Of America, PCA in April. This is the biggest Poodle Show on Earth! For you who havent been there, go! It will open your mind and you will get very inspired. Both handlers, breeders and owners are very open-minded and share their experience if you are interested.

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