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Finally in Salisbury Maryland!


So on Tuesday on the 24th of April we went from DC to pick up Philip Langdon, Doris Backe and one of Philips travelling friends. We all had to go in the big black Ford Expedition, a great big car for 8 people and a lot of luggage. Doris also brought a puppie that she was delivering to some Miniature breeders. I can say the car was packed with people. luggage and dogs!!! But as long as you have a positive attitude things will work out, and it did.

We arrived to Salisbury were the show is held around 8 in the evening. It’s about 2,5 hours drive in normal traffic but when you drive in the afternoon the Beltway around Washington is absolutely packed so it takes at least twice the time. We dropped the people off to different places and off we went to our hotel!!! What hotel! I was sure we were staying at the Best Western were we always have stayed but no,,, I didn’t take the time to watch the link I’ve got as Olga Knorre was nice to help out,,, this was Best Value Inn not Best Western! And it was not very flashy! I thought Maria should start to cry, we were all very tired and just wanted to go to bed. Katarina Kocjan and Karmen Keller from Slovenia was coming to the hotel as well but they arrived later.. I thought they will die here. Anyhow we needed to stay here as Olga put her credit card there so she would have been charged. It got quite ok, look how nice Philip and Maria has it in their bed? Simon stayed on top of them so they were safe, nothing could happen!! Not as anyone were afraid, maybe poor Maria she couldn’t move for the whole night she was afraid to touch Philip…. We decided to stay for the whole week, too much work to rebook and to move all the stuff once again. We never spend more time in the room than sleeping and get a shower in the morning.

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  1. 02/05/2012 1:47 pm

    Den klassen på hotell har jag bott på många gånger här i Thailand. Bor du ihop med en thailänska vet du aldrig var du hamnar, bara att det är billigt.

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