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Nothing happens unless first a dream!


Rachel Winners Bitch!!!!

So, Thursday time for the females that are still not champions! Very exciting as our baby Rachel were going to be shown in the Open Class. As I wrote before Peter flew over with her during the end of February and she has been with Chris and Rachel and just being shown 2 weekends since.I know this bitch is not perfect but for me she has the perfect temperament you can ask on a Standard Poodle. She is a sweet dog, calm, very easy but such a diva and a lot of winner instinct. She loves to show her self at the dog shows. Rachel is the best mix between her uncle Ch. Huffish On Every Street “Max” and her father Ch. Diego Da Maya. It´s very hard to get a temperament like this on a female. As the Open Class went in the ring I went very nervous, I wanted her to look as good as I know she can. She was perfectly groomed and in great condition as all Chris and Rachels dogs are. I know that Dennis McCoy loves show dogs with movement. Rachel started good and Chris let her go more and more in front and not holding her back so much. She made the first cut and was going back in again. Zuleika was there as well and we both pushed him to let her go in front and show off.. so he said oh well its up to you and gave us a smile.. The upcoming minutes was one of the most exciting I have had.. Chris let her go and so she did, running in front of him and I saw the glint of her eye telling him, “can you keep up with me or what?” even Chris had a big smile and you could see they both loved it, and if felt like the audience did that as well, it got to a huge show… and I love that..This made me so happy and proud to see my dog showed so well and looked so happy, they couldn’t do better that was all I cared for. But it got better, she won the Open Class, 23 bitches in and finally she ended up WINNERS BITCH! Thank you Chris, Rachel and Zuleika for letting this happen, or shall I say thank you Ch. Gigi Da Maya! :))) One of my dreams came true! And what do they say? “Nothing happens unless first a dream”. The next one is to try to get babies from Rachel so we can keep on having these lovely temperaments.Reserve Winners Bitch was Crystalon Classique Eleganz, handled by Kay Peiser.

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  1. dulcamaras permalink
    05/05/2012 9:33 pm

    Hei Jeg er ofte innom og følger med på din blogg og jeg er virkerlig imponert over alt arbeide og den innsatsen du gjør i forhold til dine hunder/kennel. Det er imponerende!! Lykke til videre, med gode ønsker for fortsatt topp resultater:-))

    Marianne, Kennel Dulcamara N O R G E

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