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Ch. Aleph American Idol Best Male at PCA 2012!


Simon at PCA, BOS

There are many things I want to do in my life but the time is not enough. I will send out the rest from PCA now for the people who still haven´t read about it on Facebook. Everything is yesterdays news very fast these days…. Anyhow we had a great time at PCA and on the Friday the Variety Class is on. There are all the dogs and bitches that goes together and competes in the US as what they call a “Special”. A special is a dog  or bitch that has gained the US champion title and you compete for BOB and Groups and BIS wins. I think in this class there are from 70 up to 150 dogs depending what year it is. This year it was about 70 Standard Poodles together. All in full show coat and I would say 99% has the American Lion trim. It’s a fantastic sight for you who havent been there to see this. The big ring is full of Standard Poodles…Its one of the most exciting moments in the show career I have had when I have been standing there feeling the atmosphere. Simon showed beautiful as always and didn´t put a foot wrong. He ended up Best male to the BOV winner Ch. Alaman´s All About Me. She is bred by Christine Foster Nethery, Boxwood and Alan Waterman, Alaman and is co owned, loved, groomed and handled by the Canadian girl Allison Cowie. Congratulations. I think this bitch could do very well in most of the countries in the world. Very classical and sound pretty bitch. The Second best male to Simon was in the family as well Ch. Fantastico Da Maya, he is bred and owned by Zuleika and handled by Chris and Rachel in the US. Fantastico was Dog of the Year in Brazil 2010 the same year as Rocky got Dog of the Year in Sweden.

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