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WDS in Saltzburg another great weekend for us!


It has been some very hectically months in our life and things happens so fast that it´s hard to belive it really has happened. As I live life so fast it’s not so often I have time to reflect what is going on. Good or bad? It’s good because I don’t have time to put energy on things that are negative I have to move forward and continue do things. It’s bad as you don’t have time to look after family and friends and really enjoy the success. If I look back in life some things are like it has never happened, so far away, wonder if more than I think like this? I just don’t mean dogs. There are relations, jobs and different things in life.. I love this song. “Now you just somebody that I used to know”. This makes me reflects…

Anyhow as we just finished painting our house, or should I say Peter and his father Göran and mother Margaretha, I have been working and looked after the dogs. I went down to Salzburg by myself with Simon and Gigi. This year I decided to fly as it takes so long time and energy to drive that you are dead for a whole week after. Everything went very smooth. I flew to Vienna and hired a car there and drove 3 hours to Saltzburg. There I met up my puppie buyers Anna and Thomas Kaufmann. They bought one of Simons and Siris male puppies in the last litter, lovely people and thanks for all the help!!! At the same place Chris and Rachel from the US came with Missy Galloways Diego son, Ch. Hightide Pizazz, Ann Stoke also came who has Dreamquest prefix in America. We had a great time. At the show Camilla Tell Collinge with her Australian new boyfriend was there Brett Hamilton, Katarina Kocjan from Slovenia, Philip Langdon and Darren Jennings with Janice and Kelvyn from England. Karmen Keller from Slovenia with Doris Backe from Sweden. We all helped out and had a great day. Anna and Thomas puppie Huffish American History, “Harley” was in puppie class but they didnt place any of the puppies, what is the point? We didnt understand. Missys dog was in Juniorclass and he won the class got the Junior World Winner title 2012. Katarina showed Ch. Huffish Back in Business in Open Class and he won that class. Simon won the Championclass of the blacks and Ch. Huffish What A Woman won bitch championclass in black and Ch. Gigi Da Maya won Championclass in Whites! Finally we went BOB with Simon, BOS with Tyra and Gigi got Reserve Best Bitch. Ch. Hightide Pizazz got Best Junior! What a day. Thanks to the judge Mr Paul Stanton from Sweden!

I also showed my little favourite little Toy Poodle. Vanitonia if I Was to Tell You “Larry”. Larry is back in Russia but Olga came by plane and I showed him for the judge Mrs Lisbeth Mach. Larry ended up BOB as well!

On the picture it is JWW-12 Ch. Hightide Pizazz, WW-12 Ch. Huffish What A Woman and WW-12 Ch. Aleph American Idol!

World Winners 2012!!!!

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