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Svensk Midsommar “Swedish Midsummer”



Sitting at my job and are a bit tired. I have a cold that wont give up. William have the same. But it will get better. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate the very important typical Swedish Midsummer! This is more important to the Swedish people than our “National Day”. We are going to spend this day at home with some friends and puppie buyer to us. It will be very nice I think. William will also get some little children coming visiting and to play with. And not to forget some extra dogs are visiting with them. Hope the sun is with us so we all can spend the day and evening outdoors. Peter is home all day today preparing all the food and stuff. Typically you start with a lunch were you have Swedish New Potatoes and Herrings. The Snaps is also very important!!! You also eat salmon, meatballs and some small sausages. Fresh Salad and many more things… In the afternoon most people meet up and dance around “Midsommarstången” its a big stock that is decorated with green leafs and flowers. Then everybody goes around holding each other hands and make different songs and moves… This sounds really crazy when I write about it but it is a very very old Swedish tradition! I am not the most cultural person so I have probably missed the best parts… In the evening it´s time for the barbecue and you continue with potatoes, salad and different meat and what ever people like to eat. For dessert people eat Creamcake with Strawberries or just Strawberries with cream or milk… Not to forget this is the day all the youngsters (and older) get very very drunk and a lot of accidents are happening. With us we will only have fun, eat and drink some nice food and spend time with friends and family!!! On Saturday we will clip and work with the puppies and finally I hope the weather is good so that we can make some pictures. They are now 7 weeks old.

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