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Your Breeding Philosophy?


While the rain is pouring down outside the window I am sitting thinking a bit about the Dog world. Some of my friends said I should write a book. There are moment when I think about it but on the other hand, who would buy my book?? Not too many I think… This should be a book about my life and all the crazy moments that I have been through in my life. Not only in dogs, in general life. I can tell you I have lived life very fast and very hard! Probably done more than most people who are 80 years of age. Since 10-15 years I have a notebook where I write down thoughts and things that has been said or done to me. Also what I have done and caused my friends and family.  I wish I could say what it has been and how I feel and think about it but I wont. It will stay in the book, just for me to read and laugh about it when I get really old and cannot do anything else than sit in a chair and read. I am always moving forward and I try to put things behind me. God how heavy the back would be else? I don´t want to carry around bad energy or putting energy on the wrong things. I try to be happy for everything I have instead of being miserable about the things I don´t have.

Back to the headline! Breeding philosophy! Do all of you have a philosophy or goal with the breeding? I can tell that I am sure not all people have that. I think as if you should run a company, a business you must have a goal!

Ask yourself some questions:

Why do I do this? Where do I want to be? How much time and work am I willing to put into this? And how much money can and am I willing to spend? Do you want to have quality or quantity?

This is very important. How could you possibly compete and think you should be among the top breeders if you don’t even try to work for it?

Breeding dogs is an art form and this is true. If, however it is to be a long-term endeavor, it needs to be much more than merely art.

For me it is a love affair, undertaken with intense passion and sustained with tremendous faith, hope and tenacity.

You have to do everything one step at a time. One of the first things you need to learn is that if yo try to change more than one characteristic with a single mating, you probably won´t be successful. I have been very young since the start and have had plenty of time to make a well-thought out choice, then wait to be sure of the outcome before making another adjustment. Sometimes it goes right and other times it wont.

It is not enough for a Poodle to be pretty. Nor is it enough that it can run in a BIS ring and win. If it isn´t a pleasure to work with because it´s unwilling, then it is of no use to anyone. I want to produce Poodles that can be enjoyed by all who wants to own them, work with them, breed from them or just share life with them.

Never think you know it all. The minute you start listening to yourself, you stop  listening to others and you stop learning. And there is always room to improve, no matter how good things seem.


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