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Working together makes success!!

Right now I am quite tired and has been sick for nearly 3 weeks! My energy is totally gone!! I have no lust for anything right now. Everything is very good at the time, the puppies we have started to move to their new families and I have only 3 days left until my 4 week-long vacation from my job!!! I guess it will be better in a few days!!
Even if I had a lot of success with my Poodles, showing them and breeding them. Sometimes you feel like you don´t know if you do the right things or the dogs are good enough and things like that. I have talked to several breeders in many different breeds and most of them feel the same now and then. I think also you try to get better and better dogs and do better and better work that nothing is not good enough anymore??? I will never be pleased 100%. I can love some of the dogs so much with my heart and I really love to have them around me and spend time with them and work with them because they are just the way you want them to be. But that also feels empty like what do I do after this?? Will I ever get a dog like this?? Will I ever get one more that will look at me and treat me in that special way some of them do? Yes I probably will because for me the right temperament and attitude on the Poodle is NUMBER 1!!! I just cannot stand a Poodle who doesn’t like to please me and himself or his owner.
One dog that is very special to me is MBIS, SBIS, Multich. Diego Da Maya. I was so happy to read this on Facebook that Chris and Rachel wrote about Diego. I think I must do something right and have to be proud about that!! It actually took a while before Diego finally got to me, I asked and asked what are you doing with the little dog in the litter? And the answers were a little weak. So I gave up. But finally in the Summer 2008 when we had the World Show in Sweden. Chris and Rachel came to visit us for the show and we started to plan his trip over to Sweden later on.
I am very greatful to Chris and Rachel and Zuleika for letting me have this little dog, I also know that Debbie Cozart had a finger within this. Thanks to all of you. Diego also has worked great with my bitches, especially to Ch. Huffish On Every Street “Max” littersisters: Ch. Huffish Belive in Woman and Ch. Huffish Reason´s To Brammarp. These two bitches with Diego produced the CC Winner and BOS at Crufts 2012 and also BOB Puppy, Winners Bitch at PCA 2012 and finally best bitch at the World Show, WW, CAC, CACIB and BOS 2012.
Thank you! I feel proud and I think that they are proud as well for Diego.
“This year, Diego Da Maya sired the winners bitch at Poodle Club of America, Bitch Challenge Certificate at Crufts and Best Bitch at the World Dog Show. Quite an achievement. I’d like to thank first, Zuleika for breeding, owning and promoting him. Lotta for everything she has done for Diego in Europe, this would not be possible without her Guidance and help. Camilla for her handling of Diego as Lotta’s sub. Debbie Cozart for breeding and allowing us to have Diego’s mother Tasha. Karen Le Frak for letting us breed Tasha to the late Great Miki. Phillip for his care of Diego in England. And the breeders that incorporated Diego into their blood lines and promoted his puppies. Diego has only sired a handful of litters, it shows it’s all about quality not quantity. Thank you all.”

Diego with his babygirls

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