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Good Luck in Australia!


Yesterday while I was still spending family time with Peter and William. Camilla was busy make this lovely picture of Lex.

Lex is Huffish Dynamite Street and he is out of Ch. Racketeer Street Poetry and Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s  He´s A Heartbreaker. Lex is not jet 2 years of age and he is a Multiple CAC winner, BOB winner and Group winner, shown not more than a handful times in his life. It is just about announced that Camilla is heading to Australia (Melbourne) for a time and Lex will follow her over there! I will miss Camilla as she has been a great help at shows and also support to us. Thanks for all the help and I wish you Lex and Brett Good Luck at the shows over there. I am sure it will be a lot of joy with him. This picture was taken yesterday of Lex and Camilla. I also want to mention that Camilla is doing all the grooming and presentation on Lex all by her self. I have not put my hands on the dog! You are very clever girl!

Off to groom some dogs then I might go and have a look at the Sighthound Specialty! Upcoming week we are waiting for Gigi to bring her puppies.. very excited about that.

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