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Visitors represented from all over the World!



The other day I was talking to a friend of mine that are in dogs. She is not one of my oldest friends in the dog world but it seems like we have got a special bond with each other. The words she said to me ment a 1000!! I will live on that for a long time. Thank you!

I started this blog trying to inspire Poodle and other Dog people. As I am not the greatest person on the computer  it’s not perfect. Also as I have limited time so sometimes I am not writing. Many times I have been sitting in the car thinking, Oh I should really share and write about this. When I got out from the car everything just goes on to fast.

I was watching today how many visitors I have on the blog and it is amazing!!  It makes me happy to see I have visitors and representatives from almost the whole world! Look at the pdf link above. I would like to put it up like a picture but I didn’t know how to do that. This is only in 30 days….

If you are specially interested in me writing about something please send me a note about what that could be about.

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