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Good Luck Peter!


Simon and Peter going for the Triathlon

Last December when Patrik Fajersson was there our puppie buyer, he got Peter into training! So since December Peter has been, running, cycling and swimming for competing in Triathlon!!! Today he is leaving for the rest of the week to do his final competition! He will swim 500 meter, cycle 20 km and in the end he is going to run 5 km!!! I wish him good luck!

He has lost some kilos and has much more energy. So I guess I will be next. At least I need to do something as my condition is very bad! Here is a picture of Peter and Simon when we had the trip to PCA and we were stopping in Washington DC!! I love the picture.

Good Luck Peter and also Patrik who is going to compete in Ironman!!!!

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  1. 15/08/2012 5:13 pm

    Heja! Heja! Pappa

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