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Write-up from PCA!


This is how happy me and Simon was winning the group in Askersund!

The last Issue of Poodle Variety just came out and this one is extra interesting as the write-up from PCA in Salisbury is in there. I was very happy and proud to read what judge Mr Dennis McCoy wrote about Rachel and Simon. He also had some other wise words to say to us breeders. Not to forget!

This is what he said about Rachel; “In Open Bitches first went to a very pretty Standard bitch in impeccable condition. Huffish Da Maya Woman. Standing on pretty feet, she had good boning, with a natural tail. Good coming and going, good angels at both ends, great front, very positive around the ring. Beautiful balance, beautiful condition, good chin and expression, beautiful on the move. Again when all of my class winners came back in, I was very satisfied. It was a lovely Winners class, Winners Bitch went to the Open bitch asking for it all the way.”  Thanks again Chris and Rachel, Zuleika and Jason Lynn for this unforgettable moment! We had a blast and I know Rachel had that as well. She smiled all the way around the ring and I cannot say enough how proud I was standing watching her giving everything she had! Thank you my Diva!!! Because she is a Diva! Loves herself.

This is the words Dennis wrote about Simon; “Best of Opposite Sex, Ch. Aleph American Idol., was a very dynamic black dog with tremendous ring presence that used his front and rear brilliantly. He was handled to perfection”. With a dog like Simon it´s hard not to handle him to perfection, he is doing it all by himself. People often tells me he is soo well-trained. But he isn´t. He is born like that, loose in the garden he always look the same as in the ring. Standing nice and moving nice. Like Poetry In Motion for me.

This is also what Dennis McCoy wrote overall in general what he thought about the quality; ” It was disturbing to walk down the line looking at the overall balance in class after class, and see the front legs set out in front of the withers. The whither are BEHIND the neck, and the legs should come straight down from that point. On a dog with correct angels in the shoulder and upper arm, with good return of upper arm, the legs should sit underneath the withers, well back under the body. Our breed is a moderate breed. In an attempt to try to exaggerate parts, we´re loing the balance of the true Poodle. I think it´s only fair to say that when I judge the breed. I´m looking for the leg placement, in motion. So many dogs were moving in two pieces, front ends doing one thing, rears doing another thing, with a huge gap in the middle. Folks we have got to attempt to get our fronts back. This is basic structure. It is hard to judge class after class and have to forgive fronts. Does nobody care anymore? Please, let´s have a wake up call and not lose our beloved breed. We (including myself!) as a breeders, have to try harder to breed correct fronts, Straight shoulders, short upper arms and straight upper arms just don´t work. For my Winners Class in both sexes and my Variety, Select and Award of Merit winners, I really was very pleased with the overall quality. ”

Here is a picture of Ch. Rimskittle Ruffian at Westminister with handler Tim Brazier. This is how Dennis like them to move and carries themself.

I totally agree with Dennis and I am working hard all the time trying to improve the fronts, it´s not so easy though. What am I willing to suffer to only get the fronts right? I think overall and balance when I do a combination and I try to get the right mix of dogs together. And I always want the fronts to be better! I really don´t know were to go and fix this. The best fronts I ever seen and felt on a Standard Poodle was Ch. Lake Cove That´s My Boy “Treson” who Dennis also handled and I think Treson still has the record of the most winning dog all breeds all time in America. I would love to have a Global Seminar among breeders in Poodles it would be interesting. Even if we say we have a little difference in the Breed Standards when it gets to the Standard Poodles they can be born anywhere in the world and go and be a Top Winner anywhere in the world because in the end I think we are looking for the same things! Maybe this would be an interesting thing to pick up at PCA when there are many breeders there from all over the world??? Breeders Forum?

Ch. Rimskittle Ruffian at Westminister.

Dont miss the whole issue of Poodle Variety go and subscribe online of you haven´t done that already.

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