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Winning is everything but not the ONLY thing!!!


Good Luck Matrix in America!

This Friday our friend and the handler we are working together with in America Chris Maneolopolus arrived to Sweden. Chris is just on a quick visit for the weekend leaving very early Monday morning. The reason why he is here is to pick up the Afghan from our friends of the Tells Afghans. SBIS Ch Tells Matrix Reloaded. As Camilla has been helping out with the Poodles she got in contact with our Poodle people in America. Missy Galloway who was the co-owner in America to our Rocky and owner of SBIS, BIS Ch. Da Maya Hightide  Splash has become the American owner to Matrix the Afghan and he will be shown by Chris and Rachel. Good Luck it will be very exciting to follow this.

Straight after Chris arrived we drove down 5 hours to our Poodle friend Mrs Doris Backe of Splash Miniature Poodles and stayed over the night. In the morning we went to the International Show in Sofiero, Helsingborg. I showed only Simon who got BOB under Mrs Tiina Taulos. Thank you! Chris and Camilla with her father was spending the day at the Sighthound Specialty show just a few minutes away. Matrix also got BOB under Mr Ray Lindholm.

We had Miss Inga Siil from Estonia judging Group-9 and Simon was nr 2! I must say even if you want to win all the time it´s impossible to do that. Also I was quite happy as we have 6 hours drive home and we needed to look at puppies and try to spend some time with Chris, William and Peter.

My mother also came to the show to spend the day they’re looking at Jack Russel Terriers and the Poodles. It was a nice day and at least it didn´t rain. Here is a picture of me and my mother that Chris took.

So now off to look at some puppies and groom some dogs today.

Me and my mother!

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