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: a game in which some of the players leave a trail and others try to follow the trail to find and catch them
I havent been writing for a time but my days are full of work, dogs, puppies and William. Did you see that I didn´t write Peter? Poor Peter, the days are so full that we don´t have time to hardly speak to each other. I am not complaining but its a fact. I hope it will be better. This weekend we are staying home looking after home, dogs and family. Looking forward to that. A couple of years ago I visited some friends in England and we were talking about things. That´s were I heard “Hares and hounds”!
In all different situations we have different kind of people, I have always been the one that have started and tried new things. No matter what I do. I always have my own idea or want to do my own thing, this is both good and bad. But to develop things you need to be a bit forward and try to do things, take a chance! Follow your heart and not only follow what other people are doing or saying. God knows I have been questioned many times, but I always have an answer to why I did a certain thing or made a decision. Sometimes it has been a very hard lesson! So go out there and make your own trail!
Have a nice weekend. Hopefully I can make some puppie pictures…
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