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Kira got her 7th Champion this weekend!!!


This weekend has been very hectic in many ways!!! I had a day off from work on Friday to catch up some time with the dogs at home. I did all the puppies so we could make pictures in the weekend. As the rain is pouring down most of the time they have to be done every week. On Saturday we had a Poodle Club Specialty Show and we had entered Simon, Boss and Klara. The judge was Edita Kralova from Slovakia, she is a Poodle person. Freddie showed Boss all by herself in his new dress, American Lion. He won his class, Simon won the Champion class ended up Best male and Boss was 3rd best male with his 4th CAC. The most exciting thing this day was my puppie buyers bitch Huffish Streets of Joy “Klara” that needed her last CAC from the open class to gain her Swedish Championtitle. She looked really well and behaved, she can be a bit naughty sometimes. She won the class and finally Best female with CAC. Congratulations to Kenneth and Cathrine who nearly died outside the ring watching. You are doing such a good job with her. The first Poodle they have.

This gave Ch. Racketeer Street Poetry “Kira” her 7th Champion offspring!!! More to come I am sure. Margareth and I talked about it and I want to break the record her breeding have, I think she said the most Champion offsprings one female had was 12.. My goal is that Kira will have at least 14!!!Lets see….

Anyhow champions or not, her offsprings are lovely to live with and so far very sound. I am so looking forward to the youngsters we have at home around 5 months of age, think they are something special.

Kira at her last show BIS-5

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