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Surprise Surprise!!!


This weekend I was really Surprised! I had my 40th birthday on the 9th of October in the middle of the week. It has been quite busy at home around that day and in the weekends. This weekend we kind of planned Chris from USA to come and switch some puppies but it has changed to another time. So a nice family dinner was happening with Peters parents and his brother with wife and children in Nynäshamn. That is about 40 minutes drive from were we live. I was planning to go to a nice and quite family evening and get home pretty early in the evening. We got there around 5 in the afternoon and after 1 hour one of our puppie buyers came, Kenneth and Cathrine. As they live quite near I was a bit surprised but ok, they wanted to come… Then one after another came and I was so chocked!!! Must be the biggest surprise I´ve had in my life. Peter had planned all this without me knowing anything! I have not had a clue what was going on behind my back! It was a lovely buffé dinner with many poodle friends and the family and kids. Lots of wine and a very late night. We were not going home either we stayed at a hotel nearby as Freddie got home to look after the dogs!

Thank you Peter for doing this for me! Thanks for all the friends who came not just from the corner it was 4-5 hours drive from us! Thanks to Peters parents for having us all there and done all the work.

This is a memory of my life! I was very touched. Peter you are amazing to do all this all the time. You really think about the small things (not like this was a small thing) but you have a sence of details in the relationship that I so often forget about. Must say it is important to remember the small things, I will try to be better.

It was not as good day yesterday I had better days but too much going on at home. It was just to get up and groom some Poodles and you feel better in the rain.

Thanks once again for all of you who came to enjoy the evening with us!

This was about how I looked when I understood what was happening!

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