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: a game in which some of the players leave a trail and others try to follow the trail to find and catch them
I havent been writing for a time but my days are full of work, dogs, puppies and William. Did you see that I didn´t write Peter? Poor Peter, the days are so full that we don´t have time to hardly speak to each other. I am not complaining but its a fact. I hope it will be better. This weekend we are staying home looking after home, dogs and family. Looking forward to that. A couple of years ago I visited some friends in England and we were talking about things. That´s were I heard “Hares and hounds”!
In all different situations we have different kind of people, I have always been the one that have started and tried new things. No matter what I do. I always have my own idea or want to do my own thing, this is both good and bad. But to develop things you need to be a bit forward and try to do things, take a chance! Follow your heart and not only follow what other people are doing or saying. God knows I have been questioned many times, but I always have an answer to why I did a certain thing or made a decision. Sometimes it has been a very hard lesson! So go out there and make your own trail!
Have a nice weekend. Hopefully I can make some puppie pictures…

Winning is everything but not the ONLY thing!!!


Good Luck Matrix in America!

This Friday our friend and the handler we are working together with in America Chris Maneolopolus arrived to Sweden. Chris is just on a quick visit for the weekend leaving very early Monday morning. The reason why he is here is to pick up the Afghan from our friends of the Tells Afghans. SBIS Ch Tells Matrix Reloaded. As Camilla has been helping out with the Poodles she got in contact with our Poodle people in America. Missy Galloway who was the co-owner in America to our Rocky and owner of SBIS, BIS Ch. Da Maya Hightide  Splash has become the American owner to Matrix the Afghan and he will be shown by Chris and Rachel. Good Luck it will be very exciting to follow this.

Straight after Chris arrived we drove down 5 hours to our Poodle friend Mrs Doris Backe of Splash Miniature Poodles and stayed over the night. In the morning we went to the International Show in Sofiero, Helsingborg. I showed only Simon who got BOB under Mrs Tiina Taulos. Thank you! Chris and Camilla with her father was spending the day at the Sighthound Specialty show just a few minutes away. Matrix also got BOB under Mr Ray Lindholm.

We had Miss Inga Siil from Estonia judging Group-9 and Simon was nr 2! I must say even if you want to win all the time it´s impossible to do that. Also I was quite happy as we have 6 hours drive home and we needed to look at puppies and try to spend some time with Chris, William and Peter.

My mother also came to the show to spend the day they’re looking at Jack Russel Terriers and the Poodles. It was a nice day and at least it didn´t rain. Here is a picture of me and my mother that Chris took.

So now off to look at some puppies and groom some dogs today.

Me and my mother!

How America discovered Columbus!


First “Jack” Russel Terrier in America to win as an approved breed in AKC!

The other day we got the Swedish Dog Magazine, Hundsport in the mail. There was an article written by Mr Bo Bengtson regarding Ch. Goldsand´s Columbus! Columbus is bred by my mother and owned by Christina Arelskogh and is at the time on loan to America with Mark Ulrich and the handler is Allison Sunderman. In April 2012 the (Jack) Russel Terrier got an approved breed in AKC and Columbus was the first one to get BOB!!! Now he has archived lots of Group Wins and also a couple of BIS!! Congratulations to all involved! I am very proud of you mother, Columbus is a very sweet dog and so cute! Good Luck in the future.

Pedigree of Gigi and Simon puppies!


I promised before to post the pedigree of the puppies of Multich, MBIS, SBIS Gigi Da Maya and Simon.The puppies are 5 weeks tomorrow. 6 boys and 3 girls.

Gigi is the halfsister to Ch. Nanehall´s Casanova Da Maya “Charlie” who I think has produced some lovely offsprings in different combinations. They have really good size, nice carriages, moves very nice and light and they all seems to have great temperament.  I hope we can get something nice out from Gigi as well. She is the best mother,,,,Pedigree Gigi

3xBIS!!!!!! Högbo International Show in Sweden this weekend.


3xBIS!!!! And Supreme BIS!

I can just say WOW!!! Still can´t believe what has happened. This weekend it was a 3 Days Show in Sweden, Högbo International Showx3. About 2800 dogs competed every day. It started this Friday with horrible weather, rain was pouring down the whole day from the whole night under the day and into Saturday lunchtime!! You can´t imagine how the showground looked like!! I brought Simon and our youngster Tia, Cotian Tatianna. Simon ended up winning 3xBIS!!! And as there was only him he was awarded Supreme BIS!!! The judges were:

I havent got any pictures from Friday jet I would love to see the look of us!! We are totally wet and muddy. Simon didn´t care though he showed like he ever did before. He loved the rain, jumping and playing up. Like “Look at me, I can run and play even if my hair is wet!” Thank you for letting me use the dryer to dry him before the group, but I must say after 2 minutes you couldn’t see the work was done. At least it felt better. Sida also helped to hold the umbrella and supported me as my other company left hours ago to get to Maria Modigs place and get dry and warm.

Cotian Tatianna did well also, she was 2nd in her class and ended up 4th best female. Unfortunately she needs to be practicing before going in the ring at the show as she is so excited and the weather didn’t allow that. I am very proud of her though, she has a very promising future she loves to show. I have difficulties to put up all the pictures here but there are lots on Facebook if you follow me there? Saturday started with rain but it got better around lunchtime. I couldn’t believe that we should get the BIS again. But I have to say that Simon really asked for it, he has never showed like that! Even people who are not in Poodles came up and said that he really showed that he wanted to get the BIS rosette! I was so happy and proud of him. Love Simons temperament and I am so happy that so many saw his Poodle charisma. We got home a little earlier on Saturday and we were mostly dry and clean. Sunday the weather was promising. Peter and William was coming to visit us at the show. Rosalba Vigorita from Italy who has become our friend in dogs joined as well as she is bringing Liam to Italy, Huffish Ammerican Gigolo. He is a son to Simon and Zolhills Miss Pretty Little Miss (a half-sister to our Rachel). We had quite a nice day, very excited to see how this day would end up like? People said that someone else needed to win so they could award a Supreme BIS and get a competition there. I was sure to not get another BIS again, I don’t think this has never happened. But we did. 3xBIS!!!! And also Supreme BIS! Thank you to all the judges who awarded Simon to his wins this weekend:

Breed judges: Mr Hans van den Berg, Carl-Gunnar Stafberg and Torbjörn Skaar

Group judges: Mr Espen Eng, Åke Cronander, Mrs Croatia (will have to check the name up so I dont spell it wrong)

BIS judges: Mrs Marja Talvitie, Mrs Annika Ultweit-Moe and finally Mrs Birgitta Svarstad!


The more I have won and are winning the more I appreciate the new ones, I know so well once BIS next show you might not get nothing. But I still have my wonderful Simon with me home. Although Simon has only been beaten once in the Breed since I’ve got him. Excluding our big specialty in America, PCA were he got BOS!! That was like a BIS for me.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”!

On the Back cover of Poodle Variety!


This is the back cover or the currant Poodle Variety! Me and Simon at PCA. I just love this photo he is in such a balance, front and rear exactly were it should be….

Write-up from PCA!


This is how happy me and Simon was winning the group in Askersund!

The last Issue of Poodle Variety just came out and this one is extra interesting as the write-up from PCA in Salisbury is in there. I was very happy and proud to read what judge Mr Dennis McCoy wrote about Rachel and Simon. He also had some other wise words to say to us breeders. Not to forget!

This is what he said about Rachel; “In Open Bitches first went to a very pretty Standard bitch in impeccable condition. Huffish Da Maya Woman. Standing on pretty feet, she had good boning, with a natural tail. Good coming and going, good angels at both ends, great front, very positive around the ring. Beautiful balance, beautiful condition, good chin and expression, beautiful on the move. Again when all of my class winners came back in, I was very satisfied. It was a lovely Winners class, Winners Bitch went to the Open bitch asking for it all the way.”  Thanks again Chris and Rachel, Zuleika and Jason Lynn for this unforgettable moment! We had a blast and I know Rachel had that as well. She smiled all the way around the ring and I cannot say enough how proud I was standing watching her giving everything she had! Thank you my Diva!!! Because she is a Diva! Loves herself.

This is the words Dennis wrote about Simon; “Best of Opposite Sex, Ch. Aleph American Idol., was a very dynamic black dog with tremendous ring presence that used his front and rear brilliantly. He was handled to perfection”. With a dog like Simon it´s hard not to handle him to perfection, he is doing it all by himself. People often tells me he is soo well-trained. But he isn´t. He is born like that, loose in the garden he always look the same as in the ring. Standing nice and moving nice. Like Poetry In Motion for me.

This is also what Dennis McCoy wrote overall in general what he thought about the quality; ” It was disturbing to walk down the line looking at the overall balance in class after class, and see the front legs set out in front of the withers. The whither are BEHIND the neck, and the legs should come straight down from that point. On a dog with correct angels in the shoulder and upper arm, with good return of upper arm, the legs should sit underneath the withers, well back under the body. Our breed is a moderate breed. In an attempt to try to exaggerate parts, we´re loing the balance of the true Poodle. I think it´s only fair to say that when I judge the breed. I´m looking for the leg placement, in motion. So many dogs were moving in two pieces, front ends doing one thing, rears doing another thing, with a huge gap in the middle. Folks we have got to attempt to get our fronts back. This is basic structure. It is hard to judge class after class and have to forgive fronts. Does nobody care anymore? Please, let´s have a wake up call and not lose our beloved breed. We (including myself!) as a breeders, have to try harder to breed correct fronts, Straight shoulders, short upper arms and straight upper arms just don´t work. For my Winners Class in both sexes and my Variety, Select and Award of Merit winners, I really was very pleased with the overall quality. ”

Here is a picture of Ch. Rimskittle Ruffian at Westminister with handler Tim Brazier. This is how Dennis like them to move and carries themself.

I totally agree with Dennis and I am working hard all the time trying to improve the fronts, it´s not so easy though. What am I willing to suffer to only get the fronts right? I think overall and balance when I do a combination and I try to get the right mix of dogs together. And I always want the fronts to be better! I really don´t know were to go and fix this. The best fronts I ever seen and felt on a Standard Poodle was Ch. Lake Cove That´s My Boy “Treson” who Dennis also handled and I think Treson still has the record of the most winning dog all breeds all time in America. I would love to have a Global Seminar among breeders in Poodles it would be interesting. Even if we say we have a little difference in the Breed Standards when it gets to the Standard Poodles they can be born anywhere in the world and go and be a Top Winner anywhere in the world because in the end I think we are looking for the same things! Maybe this would be an interesting thing to pick up at PCA when there are many breeders there from all over the world??? Breeders Forum?

Ch. Rimskittle Ruffian at Westminister.

Dont miss the whole issue of Poodle Variety go and subscribe online of you haven´t done that already.