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The puppies are here….


Proud parents


This weekend I had entered to 2 shows, 1 at the Swedish Kennel Club but also at our Specialty show up in what I call the “north” of Sweden. But as Gigi was going to have her puppies I couldn´t make it. She started yesterday morning and ended up with 10 puppies, 5 females and 5 males. All black as Simon is a dominant black. I am looking forward to follow this litter. It is good to have Freddie our friend staying here, thanks for the help.


Very Special moment


I am waiting for Gigi to deliver her puppies…. so as many others I was watching Facebook there I found the videos from

World Dog Show 2012. Thanks for sharing. This is Best Male, Best Female and BOB.

It was really a great show for us and we had a great time. Thanks to Chris and Rachel for all the help and also thanks to Jakub for all you do for Tyra.

Visitors represented from all over the World!



The other day I was talking to a friend of mine that are in dogs. She is not one of my oldest friends in the dog world but it seems like we have got a special bond with each other. The words she said to me ment a 1000!! I will live on that for a long time. Thank you!

I started this blog trying to inspire Poodle and other Dog people. As I am not the greatest person on the computer  it’s not perfect. Also as I have limited time so sometimes I am not writing. Many times I have been sitting in the car thinking, Oh I should really share and write about this. When I got out from the car everything just goes on to fast.

I was watching today how many visitors I have on the blog and it is amazing!!  It makes me happy to see I have visitors and representatives from almost the whole world! Look at the pdf link above. I would like to put it up like a picture but I didn’t know how to do that. This is only in 30 days….

If you are specially interested in me writing about something please send me a note about what that could be about.

The best blades if you ask me!! Geib!!



Geib clipperblades!!!

Finally you can buy the Geib blades in Sweden from

I love these blades and every year when I visit PCA in USA I buy a lot of them so I will be fine for another year. I think they are very good as they are so nice and smooth to cut with, you never get marks or stripes from them. They are also very cheap to buy. I use the #30, 40 and 15 if I do dogs that are not my own if they are not being shaved as often as I do my own. I also use different ones of the long blades if I cut then down short on the body.

You can also get very nice scissors there as well for very nice prices…

Happy puppie…


Huffish American Doll “Ronja” in her new family, I think she looks very happy!!!

Ronja that we called Petra having a lovely time,,

I want to get free….


Have you heard that song from Queen?? This is Peter and William working in the garden. It never stops..




Here Is a very relaxed Gigi! She is about to have her puppies this week. She is huge and we are very excited. Gigi is from my white Simon that went to Debbie Cozart in Australia and Gigi’s mother is Ch. Teodora Da Maya who is also the mother to Ch. Nanhall’s Casanova Da Maya alias Charlie. Who is a top producer and behind him is also the famous white Unique dogs and our Scandinavian King. Pedigree will be put up later when the puppies are born.


Feet and nails!


Just a reminder…..


Good Luck in Australia!


Yesterday while I was still spending family time with Peter and William. Camilla was busy make this lovely picture of Lex.

Lex is Huffish Dynamite Street and he is out of Ch. Racketeer Street Poetry and Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s  He´s A Heartbreaker. Lex is not jet 2 years of age and he is a Multiple CAC winner, BOB winner and Group winner, shown not more than a handful times in his life. It is just about announced that Camilla is heading to Australia (Melbourne) for a time and Lex will follow her over there! I will miss Camilla as she has been a great help at shows and also support to us. Thanks for all the help and I wish you Lex and Brett Good Luck at the shows over there. I am sure it will be a lot of joy with him. This picture was taken yesterday of Lex and Camilla. I also want to mention that Camilla is doing all the grooming and presentation on Lex all by her self. I have not put my hands on the dog! You are very clever girl!

Off to groom some dogs then I might go and have a look at the Sighthound Specialty! Upcoming week we are waiting for Gigi to bring her puppies.. very excited about that.

Granny in Ice Age 4!!! You have to see the movie


I have watched all the other films from Ice Age before and my sister and her family told me that Grandma “Mommo” in Swedish is like our mother!!??LOL mother. I know this is a film for kids but I love all of them, lots of fun to watch.

Enjoy have a nice evening all!