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Passion for Grooming


Since we bought our first American Cockers that we had in the family I had a passion for bathing and clipping them. I have never been interested in playing with Barbiedolls, I had the dogs instead. Actually it started already when I was 10 and was nearly drowning my New Forest Pony, I washed him nearly every day. My father warned me “he will turn into a Fish if you dont stop”.

After having Standard Poodles for 25 years I still have a passion for grooming. I love to keep my dogs nice and clean even if they are not being shown, they always looks good.

The breed is lovely and I don´t want people to get afraid of getting it because of the coat. I tell my pet buyers that it´s better to keep them in a short haircut and look after them than trying to get a big show coat when you are not interested. To have a Poodle in show coat you really need to love it.

 It´s not really difficult it just needs passion for it!

On this page I will let you know how you can be a better Groomer for your dog. This is for both Pet grooming as well as your Show dog.

You have to understand that this is the way I have found is the best way! I don´t say it´s the only way!

Always be open minded and look for new tips and tricks. Never stop looking and asking other people.

The longer you are in the business the more you understand you need to learn!

You are more than welcome to send me comments with tips and tricks as I always look for new things. Also if you have any great products that you find the readers should know about, please contact me.

I wish you will get some good out if this and Good Luck!


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