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Spring finally on it´s way to Sweden??


View from the Castle in Stockholm taken today

The Royal Palace

It seems like the days are getting longer and for everyday the snow disappear a little bit… Today I bathed our little Pomeranians and after that decided to get a little time on the Sunbed. I look like a Panda bear! Big black rings around my eyes! It was really nice to get some sun on the skin. As the sun was shining we decided to drive into Stockholm city center and bring William for a nice walk. We went to the Old Town and I felt like a real Tourist. I guess I am, never spend the time in the City. We only have 20 km to the City but never takes the time to get there. It was a really nice day, although it looked warmer that it was, it was very windy and very cold. As you can see there is almost no snow left in the City. We still have most of it left at home. After a nice walk we stopped at a Café for a Sallad and a nice Cheesecake with a Latte. Then off home to look after the dogs again.  William normally sleeps from 8 in the evening until midnight before he wants more food.. tonight I wanted to clip Rocky. I bathed him yesterday and he is going to the International Show in Malmö next weekend. So I needed to give him a haircut as he is not cut since Gothenburg in January. He is of corse shaved but the big coat is not done. When I nearly finished half of him William got awake! Now Rocky looks very funny, half of him is done and the rest is uncut. Try to do the rest tomorrow when William is sleeping.

Old Town

Grand Hotel Stockholm

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