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A new weekend already…


Ch. Huffish On Every Street "Max" hes got the LOOK!

I have been very tired after the last weekennd. Went to the south to pick up my other son Oscar and went to dogshows Saturday and Sunday. I brought Rocky with me and I also helped with Glorias litterbrother Huffish Heartbreaking Holiday, “Tim”. I co own a bitch that is called Huffish Keep On Talking “Smulan” and the other owner wanted her to be shown. We had a good Saturday Inga Sil was judging from Estonia and she did a very good job. Tim won his class and ended up 2nd Best male with his first CAC. Rocky got Best male, beaten by a Norweigan bitch from Dajmens Poodles. Smulan was 2nd in her class with Excellent and nothing more, but she shouldnt get more, she needs more coat.

It was such a hot day in the end you barely didnt have the energy to move to the car to get home. Finally back at my mothers we had a quiet evening.

Sunday it was the Kennel Club and Tim was not there, only Rocky and Smulan. Rocky got BOS again! His halfsister Avatar Jaquetta got her last CAC and went BOB. Now she is a Swedish Champion, congratulations to Anders and Stephen. My friend Micke Nilsson of Kudos Poodles got 4-BIS with his young Dwarf Kudos Lykkeli, well done for you and Fredrik!

I have been very tired after the driving and carrying all the stuff at the show, Peter was home with the rest of the pack. He has done such a great job at home. When I came back he has bought a new fridge, cleaned the whole Kennel, put new sides up there and many many more things. He is just lovely. Alway such a positive and happy person.

Chris and Katarina after winning

In the car on my way home Katarina from Slovenia called and Rachels brother Chris got BOB at 2 days in Kroatia, International show!  He was also 3-BIS Junior on the Saturday! Great job Katarina, looking forward to se you here soon again,

Now its a 2 day show again but just 1 hour from here. I will bring my white angel Thomas, it will be fun. He loves the shows and his puppies are really growing up well. Nice to see them later on.

No pictures from the wekend as I was too busy with dogs and children. Off to continue life!

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